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Pre-calculus tutoring expands upon the basics learned in algebra and trigonometry in order to prepare students for calculus. This is a college level course that some students encounter in high school if they are on an accelerated learning path. My pre-calculus tutoring is geared for all students, no matter if they are in high school or undergrad. Our sessions will have you prepared for calculus.

While pre-Calculus may not directly fall under the spectrum of calculus, you must grasp these principles in order to make the transition to calculus easier. The same is true of trigonometry.

For those who have already made the leap, I offer online calculus tutoring as well. Calculus is the holy grail of modern mathematics and makes up a huge part of university curriculum if you plan on studying science, engineering, or even economics. The study of limits, rates of change, and integrals are the foundations of this field. It is the language of modern science.

While many students will never encounter the subject, as it is not a requirement for those interested in the arts and humanities, math is still an essential tool. Even at this advanced level that can find itself in the abstract, an understanding of math like calculus is very rewarding. It can open a world of knowledge and conversation to you while others are in the dark.

For example, if you are interested in physics, you must be able to speak calculus. Theory becomes reality only after applying and testing hypothesis through mathematics and calculus. In fact, many mathematical models used across all scientific disciplines use calculus. Call Austin Area Tutor Online, formerly known as Austin Area Tutor, for the best pre calculus tutoring today!

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