I make short math videos – about 5 min. Do you want a short answer to your math question in Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Precalculus, Calculus, Physics ….?

Ask your question on the “contact us” page and, if I pick your question, I’ll send you a youtube link to watch the reply and eventually post it to this site.

Current Links include:

Find the line of intersection between two

Find the height of a tower given the angle of elevation from
two points a known distance apart:

Calculate grade as a percent of total points:

Translate a statement into a linear equation and solve:

Find the circumference of a circle is given the diameter:

A linear system of equations word problem:

Given a rectangle’s perimeter and coordinates for two
vertices. Find coords for the other 2 vert:

Word Problem: Define and use a linear function given two

Find the sin of an angle using the ratio opposite over

Horizontal: Magnitude cos Ø & Vertical is magnitude sin

Find a line that travels through a point and is
perpendicular to a line:

Find the magnitude and direction of a net force:

Find the equation of a hyperbola centered at the origin
given the location of the foci and vertices:

How to factor a three term quadratic with a leading
coefficient of one:

How to find a plane that is tangent to a surface at a point:

A great method for factoring three term quadratics is the
“Slide and Divide Method”:

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